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Australian McDonald's Offers Lamborghini Delivery, Giant Happy Meal Pop-Ups

A+ publicity stunts, all around.


McDonald's latest strategy to attract Australian diners packs a one-two punch: First, offer delivery service. Second, make sure that delivery arrives via the ultimate in luxury cars, like Lamborghinis and Ferraris. Evidence of the high-rolling delivery service — specifically, a McDonald's delivery Ferrari F430 Spider — first hit the internet a couple weeks ago, and it appears the marketing stunt has paid off:  The Daily Mail reports that 20 more restaurants throughout Brisbane, Australia will join the ongoing "home delivery trial," which began this summer at a South Melbourne location. The Daily Mail brings new video of a sporty white Lamborghini "McDelivery" vehicle, which is also stamped with the familiar "golden arches" McDonald's logo.

In order to get McDonald's delivered, a minimum $25 order must be placed at a participating location, and the fast-food chain charges a $5 delivery fee. No word how many luxury vehicles will be part of the McD's overall fleet.

But regardless, McDonald's Australia — known locally as "Macca's" — is proving adept at publicity stunts. Earlier this week, it debuted a Happy Meal-shaped pop-up restaurant in Melbourne as part of a new menu rollout. It's calling the admittedly adorable structure the "World's Largest Lunch Box."

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