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This App Claims It Can Decant Your Wine Using Sound Waves

It's also Bluetooth-connected, because why not.

Sonic Decanter/Facebook

A Seattle-based company called Dionysus Technology Concepts Inc. has taken to Kickstarter to raise funds for an ultrasound-equipped wine gadget: The Sonic Decanter claims to re-create the process of wine aging using an ultrasound that "transforms the molecular and chemical structure of wine" without decanting or aerating. According to its inventors, users simply pour cold water into the device — the water acts as the conduit for sound-wave energy — then add their bottle of either red or white wine. The process claims to remove oxygen and sulfer dioxide from the wine in fewer than 20 minutes, thus improving the wine's "taste, aroma, and mouth feel." In the accompanying Kickstarter video, the Sonic Decanter founder points out most of the wine in United States is sold at the under-$10 price point, suggesting that whatever wine you may have in your cabinet right now could use some technological help.

Dionysus Technology Concepts is seeking $85,000 in their fundraising campaign (interested parties can get a Sonic Decanter at the "early bird" supporter price of $99). The team plans to sell the decanter for $249 when it's available for retail sale.