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Is Arby's Pulling a Soda Scam?

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The small sodas do not appear to be as big as advertised.


That Pepsi you're reaching for to wash down Arby's smoked brisket sandwiches and curly fries may not contain as much soda as you think. According to Consumerist, the chain's "small" soda cup is advertised to contain 22 ounces of fluid. One reader reached out to Consumerist after he found that his Arby's branded paper cup that "clearly states 22 ounces" on the side, also featured text on the underside of the cup that notes that it is actually 21 ounces. The reader then whipped out a measuring cup and found that the cup does indeed hold less than 22 ounces. A reporter for Consumerist bought a "small" soda cup from an Arby's location in a completely different state and had the same exact experience.

Curiously, it is only the 22 ounce cups that feature this discrepancy. Arby's tells Consumerist that they are "looking into the matter."

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