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Hitler's Face Accidentally Printed on Coffee Creamer in Switzerland

A few containers also featured images of Mussolini.


Would you like sugar and Hitler with your coffee? That's a question consumers in Switzerland had to ask themselves when using mini-cream containers accidentally labeled with the face of HitlerAccording to the New York Times, Swiss retail giant Migros unintentionally printed images of Hitler and Italian dictator Mussolini on its single-serving containers of cream. The retailer apologized Wednesday and pulled nearly 2,000 cream containers from around 100 cafes in Switzerland.

A spokesperson for Migros claims that it does not "know exactly how the image came to be on the label" but that the company is "horrified by the failure of its internal controls to detect the images on its cream containers." The retailer suspects that the mishap happened when it asked an outside company called ELSA to create a series of cream containers "based on vintage cigar labels." Two of the labels just happened to feature the tyrants. The spokesperson notes that typically the labels from ELSA feature "pleasant images" like trains and dogs, not dictators.

Perhaps Migros should ship the controversial cream containers to the awful Nazi-themed cafe in Indonesia. See the Hilter coffee creamer below:

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