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Man Threatens to Kill 7-Eleven Employee Over Nacho Cheese

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That's nacho cheese, man.


A West Virginia man flipped out after being asked by a 7-Eleven employee to limit his nacho cheese intakeAccording to the Herald Mail, 56-year-old Harry Grant McDonald went into a "tirade" last weekend telling the employee that he "eats people" and that he is "the biggest killer" in town.

McDonald then went outside and "declared he was going to kill the employee" that got between him and his beloved orange cheese sauce. A police officer told the paper that McDonald then "stared at the employee and raised a closed fist to him" which was then (naturally) followed by a "series of martial-arts style punches in the employee's direction."

Police found McDonald at the Martinsburg Union Rescue Mission where he was arrested during a church service. McDonald was charged with "two counts of obstructing an officer and single counts of disturbance of religious worship and assault."

Lesson: Don't get between a man and his cheese.

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