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Pranksters Trick Food Festival Attendees Into Admitting They Like McDonald's

Attendees were told it was a "new, organic alternative" to fast food.

Two comedians behind the LifehuntersTV YouTube channel crashed a food expo in the Netherlands to basically prove self-described "food experts" couldn't tell good food from McDonald's. In the YouTube clip (in Dutch, but translated into English through the magic of subtitles), the pair chop up McDonald's muffins, chicken nuggets, and sandwiches, placing the bite-sized pieces on toothpicks. The re-designed menu items were then "sold" to expo attendees as dishes from a new concept that offered an "organic alternative" to fast food.

Attendees then delivered feedback like "it definitely tastes fresh" and "if it were wine I'd say it's fine." When asked to compare the bites to McDonald's, some offered that "it's definitely a lot tastier than McDonald's, you can just tell this is a lot more pure." Go, watch.