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Sun Noodle to Change Dorm Room Ramen Forever With Make-at-Home Kit

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They are only available at Whole Foods.

Frank Lee

Noodle-producer-to-the-stars Sun Noodle has launched two new at-home ramen kitsAccording to a press release, the ramen kits come in two flavors — shoyu and miso — and are MSG-free. Each kit features "refrigerated packs" of fresh ramen noodles paired with a concentrated sauce. The noodles are made fresh at Sun Noodle's factory in New Jersey, and are currently only available at Whole Food Markets in the area.

Sun Noodle is best known for supplying noodles to many well-known chefs and ramen shops, including chef David Chang's Momofuku Noodle Bar and chef Ivan Orkin's Ivan Ramen. The launch of the ramen kits coincides with the launch of Sun Noodle's New York City Ramen Lab, which will feature noodle courses, tastings, and educational seminars. Go, watch Sun Noodle's story below:

Video: How One Noodle-Maker Is Changing Ramen in America