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German Beers Found to Contain Specks of Plastic, Dead Bugs, More

A new study may kill all your future beer cravings.


In a blow to the lofty reputation of German beer, a new study acquired by Modern Farmer reveals that 24 of Germany's "most popular beers" are all contaminated with little pieces of plastic, called microplastics. Yes, that's right. Every single beer researchers tested was contaminated.

Microplastics are defined as "bits of plastic smaller than 5mm in size." Modern Farmer notes that they are typically caused by the "inadequate breakdown" of larger pieces of plastic. It's not just plastic drinkers have to worry about: Researchers also found that many of beers also contained "bits of glass," skin particles, and even parts of a dead bug. Those behind the study believe that the contaminants worked their way into the beer from the water supply used to make the drink. Unfortunately, most of the particles found were small enough to "get through the mesh filters" used by brewers.

Eating bugs has become a trend as of late, and while the same can't be said for plastic, researchers are currently unsure of what effects microplastics even have on our bodies. So for now, drink up. Besides, science says beer is good for you.