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New Petition Calls on Ben & Jerry's to Make Vegan Ice Cream

It has nearly 2,500 signatures.


A couple is calling for Ben & Jerry's to make vegan ice cream. According to the petition, Jenny Foy and Doug Reed are surprised that a "company as ethical" as Ben & Jerry's does not make a dairy-alternative ice cream. The couple adds that they believe that if Ben & Jerry's offered a dairy-free option, it would make vegan alternatives "mainstream" and easier to find. Apparently, it would "show consumers that non-dairy ice creams don't need to be relegated to the shadowy section of grocery freezers." (Where exactly is the shadowy section?) Plus, it would be easier for customers with dairy allergies to have ice cream options.

While it sounds like they are just looking out for those who love ice cream but can't eat dairy, the petition reads more like a rant against dairy products and how bad they for the environment. Regardless, it has amassed nearly 2,500 signatures.

Foy and Reed aren't the first people to ask Ben & Jerry's to make changes to their products: A couple who lost their child to hazing recently called for the ice cream company to change the name of their flavor "Hazed & Confused." So far, Ben & Jerry's has politely refused.