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Watch Munchies' Guide to Eating in the North of England

In a new series, Ben Ferguson travels through to the North of England to taste freshly boiled crab, fresh chips, sausages, Yorkshire pudding, street food, and more.

The North of England, says Munchies' host Ben Ferguson, is "known for its accents and its music... the only thing thought to be worse than its weather is its food." In the first episode of a new series, Ferguson goes out to the North Sea to fish for crabs. Watch him cook a live crab on the shore, mourn its death, and enjoy its flaky flesh. Later, Ferguson goes into a dive's kitchen to make fried chicken with béchamel sauce and gooey bubbly cheese. It's called a Chicken Parma — "a national treasure" — but don't dare compare it to the American Chicken Parmesan. Check out the full episode, above.