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Breweries Hit Hard by California's Drought

California is going through its worst drought on record.

Bear Republic/Facebook

California's breweries are facing a major water crisis. According to CNBC, California is going through its "most severe" drought on record and there is apparently "no end in sight." This means that breweries are struggling to find water not only to brew their beers — which are typically around 90 percent water — but to also clean their tanks.

To combat this, breweries are resorting to a variety of techniques: The Budweiser plant is using reclaimed water to clean its tanks and has "ripped out landscaping" to save on watering decorative plants. The brewery is even working with barley farmers in Idaho "to manage irrigation more efficiently," so as to conserve water wherever possible.

Brewery Bear Republic recently drilled two new wells, advancing the money necessary to make the drilling happen as soon as possible. Other brewers are paying more for water. But these are temporary solutions: One brewer notes that if the drought continues, many breweries will start to leave the area.

Brace craft beer lovers, because prices will certainly rise thanks to the drought, and the Canadian barley crop shortage.