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The Los Angeles Times Mistakenly Reports Last Year's SF Michelin List

Michelin Madness claims its first victim.

As San Francisco eagerly awaits the reveal of its 2015 Michelin star recipients, at least one publication has fallen victim to Michelin madness: This afternoon, the Los Angeles Times inadvertently reported on last year's list, noting that since the 2014 stars were unveiled, "there were few changes of any note." (The link is still live on the LAT home page and on its Twitter stream.) The piece, which does correctly list the 2014 Michelin Guide ratings, links back to a San Francisco Chronicle article published in October 2013 and notes that State Bird Provisions is the "only new restaurant added to the list."

UPDATE: The LAT updated its original post to reflect the current 2015 winners around 3:50p.m. PST. Check out the full list of SF Michelin recipients here.

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