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Chef Wylie Dufresne Talks Rent Hikes, Hints at 'Other Great Ideas'

"We'd like to find some place where we can do some other stuff."

Chef Wylie Dufresne, whose landmark New York City restaurant wd~50 will close in November, visited Bloomberg News to talk about restaurant real estate and hint at future plans. During the interview, Dufresne talks about opening on NYC's Lower East Side more than a decade ago, during a time when retail space could be acquired for "a couple dollars" per square foot. (The restaurant's upcoming closure is fueled by changing real estate needs in the neighborhood; its building will soon be torn down to make way for new development.)

Dufresne also hints at his post wd~50 plans: focusing on his restaurant Alder an possibly re-opening wd~50 elsewhere in New York. "We'd like to find some place where we can do some other stuff. wd~50 needs a new home, but we have other ideas, other great ideas that we'd love to explore," Dufresne says. "And we're open to neighborhoods, we're open to locations." Go, watch the interview above.


50 Clinton Street, New York, NY 10002

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