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One Man Bravely Drank His Way Through a Hotel Mini Bar

And survived to tell his tale.

James Fraleigh/Flickr

Ah, the hotel mini barAs Esquire's Aaron Goldfarb notes, few so-called travel perks cause as much internal conflict. Throwing caution to the wind, Goldfarb decided to see what would happen if he consumed every tiny little bottle and every packaged snack at the minibar inside a room at New York City's Loews Regency Hotel.

All told, he consumes nearly 5400 calories and spends over $400 in the name of journalism. Here's how it went down:

After arriving at the hotel with an appetite ("I've only eaten scrambled eggs all day and packed nothing more than an appetite for danger.") Goldfarb starts with a can of Pringles and the bottle of Veuve Cliquot. So far so good. After a rum and Coke, our intrepid journalist starts in on a bag of nuts, and starts in on three liters of water contained in the small cooler. Not even halfway through, Goldfarb is already "lonely." He continues with some dessert, sliding "sleeves-worth of shortbread cookies" into his mouth.

The sun sets while Goldfarb pairs beer with cheese crisps. He pours a tiny bottle of vodka into a jar of gummy bears and decides to let it marinate while he gets legitimately drunk off of Johnnie Red and Amstel Light. Oddly, he finishes the night with Red Bull and vodka. Sleep eventually comes. Read on to see what minibar staple soothes our reporter's $416 hangover.

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