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Australian Cafe Banned From Cooking Bacon

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A neighboring bridal shop hated the smell.


Most people would agree that bacon smells beyond amazing, except for one bridal shop in Brisbane, AustraliaAccording to the Courier Mail, a cafe called Gramercy Coffee — which sold breakfast bagels with bacon — was recently forced to stop selling bacon when the owner of the bridal store next door complained that the smell of bacon was "wafting through the air-conditioning vents" and was "permeating the store."

The building management told the Courier Mail that cooking bacon "is not and has never been permissible" under the cafe's lease agreement. However, the cafe notes on its Facebook page that "whilst our lease doesn't explicitly prohibit the cooking of bacon at Gramercy, we stopped offering an effort to keep the peace." After many attempts to cook bacon in a way that would reduce its scent, owner Mitchell Suchowacki eventually gave up and decide to serve customers ham instead.

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