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Despite Anti-Hazing Campaign, Ben & Jerry's Refuses to Rename Hazed & Confused

The hazelnut ice cream flavor was named after a Led Zeppelin song.


Ben & Jerry's — the ice cream company with a passion for puns — will not rename its "Hazed & Confused" flavor, following complaints about the name. According to WCAX, last month, Ben & Jerry's received a letter from a couple that had lost their son to injuries caused by hazing when he was rushing a fraternity. They asked the Vermont-based company to change the flavor's moniker. Bloomberg adds many anti-hazing activists also took issue with the name, calling it "insensitive to victims of the dangerous college tradition."

"Hazed & Confused" — which features fudge chips and a hazelnut fudge core — is a riff on the phrase "dazed and confused" which was made popular by a film and a Led Zeppelin song. A spokesperson for Ben & Jerry's tells Bloomberg that the company found nothing in its marketing campaign for the flavor that "condoned hazing, supported hazing, or even inferred hazing." The spokesperson added that it "didn't make sense" for the company to change the name because it was named for "a pop culture reference."