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Science Suggests Beer Drinking Might Be Good for You

It could improve your memory.


Every frat boy's dream has just come true: A new study has found that beer can improve memoryAccording to CBS, a compound found in hops — one of the main ingredients in beer — "improved cognitive function in a group of mice." Researchers gave mice high levels of a flavonoid called xanthohumol, which has shown that it can "can speed the metabolism, reduce fatty acids in the liver and, at least with young mice, appeared to improve their cognitive flexibility, or higher level thinking." But before you go start chugging that 36-pack, researchers warn that "a human would have to drink 2,000 liters of beer a day to reach the xanthohumol levels" used in research. The Daily Mail writes that works out to about 3,520 pints — or in other words, enough beer to last a lifetime.