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Hair Model Chef John Besh Now Shilling For Orthodontists

Because teeth are important.

John Besh/Facebook

Chef/hair model John Besh has taken to shilling for an unexpected organization: America's orthodontists. Sure, teeth are important, especially for the consumption of food. But besides that, it's hard to see why Besh would partner with the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) of all organizations to develop "orthodontist-approved recipes" of all things. Then again, considering that Besh is the owner of a pair of perfect chompers, perhaps he is doing this so he can receive free orthodontic work for life?

According to a press release, Besh created the recipes "as a service to those wearing braces or who are having other types of orthodontic treatments." How thoughtful. In a perfect, media-trained tone, Besh explains his "motivation" for participating in the project: "With four boys of my own, I totally understand the need for healthy, delicious meals that can be enjoyed by the entire family."

So brace, those with braces, there are now recipes for toothsome, tooth-friendly recipes like cauliflower mac and cheese, yogurt fruit pops, and something ominously called "Drew's Cake." Then again, at the end of the day, shilling for orthodontists beats shilling for cat food.