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Snoop Dogg Approves of Peyton Manning's Pizza-Weed Business

Snoop is inspired to get into the munchies business himself.

Kevin Cox/Getty Images

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is now almost as famous for playing football as he is for owning 21 Papa John's franchisees in and around Denver, Colorado. It's a business he says has been booming since Colorado legalized weed. Recently, TMZ went to the "godfather of weed," Snoop Dogg to discuss the situation.

Snoop on Manning's business model: "I just think it's a great business play for him. First of all, Papa John's, they do have great pizza... It's no Little Caesar's, but it's good."

Then TMZ asks if Snoop has any plans to get into the pizza or snack game in Colorado and he confirms: "I'm coming with my thing, the Snoop Dogg ice cream, my Scoop Dogg ice cream, with your added flavors and preservatives of your choice."