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Paula Deen Hopes Mentoring 100 Black Youth Will Get People To Like Her Again

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You can smell the stink of the PR machine behind this new move.

Disgraced food person/avid cackler Paula Deen is trying very, very hard to move past her sordid racist past by hanging out with as many black people as she possibly can. A promo for her new network almost comically shows Deen socializing with token black "friends," and now she's teaming up with Steve Harvey to mentor 100 black youth.

Deen's "no-holds-barred sit-down" appearance on Harvey's show airs today. In it, Deen will discuss "her recent fall from grace, forgiveness and second chances, as well as her plans for a comeback." Part of that plan is to teach culinary skills — Does deep frying sticks of butter really count as a "culinary skill?" — to the young men at Harvey's mentoring camp. Harvey notes in a video that he realizes there will be backlash but adds that he doesn't "give a damn." Harvey might not, but Twitter sure did. Check out the snarkiest responses below:

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