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South Park Explains Gluten in New (NSFW) Episode

Blame Gluten.

Comedy Central's South Park takes on the much-maligned wheat protein in its newest episode. Mr. Mackey is gluten-free, much to the other characters' consternation — "I personally feel so f-cking amazing!" — and when a student is accused of vandalizing school property, Mackey blames gluten intake: "Gluten causes sluggishness, irritability, and nearly all behavioral problems."

Meanwhile, Stan, Kyle, and Eric don't know what gluten is and have a heck of a time trying to figure out if it has anything to do with ebola. When a representative from the USDA visits the school to clarify "the USDA's position on gluten" things get even more confusing — and hilarious. Just know that "hooey" is causing obesity, and "poppycock" is the key ingredient in red meat and — like gluten — is good for you.