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Uncle Boons' Milk Toast is Better Than a Donut

Welcome back to Consumed, a video series in which Editorial Producer Kat Odell combs Manhattan and the surrounding areas for one-of-a-kind eats and drinks.

Last year, Per Se vets Ann Redding and Matt Danzer opened Uncle Boons, a hip Thai restaurant on Spring Street in Nolita. Early on they offered brunch (brunch is currently defunct but will hopefully return in the next month) and served an excellent Thai take on artisanal toast. The restaurant's Milk Bread - inspired by sweet toasts typically sold at coffee shops in Thailand - recently moved over to dinner rotation. And it tastes like ... a cloud. What does that even mean? Watch above.

Uncle Boons

7 Spring Street, Manhattan, NY 10012 (646) 370-6650 Visit Website