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Watch Jamie Oliver Piss Off Taylor Swift With His 'Bake It Off' Parody

The two team up for a video benefiting Stand Up to Cancer.

Here's an admittedly fun video in which wannabe pop princess Taylor Swift throws some major eye-rolling at the direction of world-saving/sometimes naked chef Jamie Oliver. The set-up: Swift puts her fake bitchface on, alternately calling Oliver by the incorrect names "Jimmy" and "Jeremy" and aggressively throwing shade his way when he breaks out into song, transforming Swift's hit "Shake It Off" into "Bake It Off."

Oliver's alternate-universe lyrics include gems like "My arm is achin' / Just pour it in the cake tin / It's like I got this sponge cake in my mind / Sayin' it's gonna taste so fine." Swift eventually comes around, but the first two minutes should be considered excellent moments in bitchface history. Go, watch the video above.

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