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Angry Employees Allegedly Help Themselves to $5K Worth of Closing Restaurant's Food

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Talk about kicking a restaurant when it's down.

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A restaurant owner in a Chicago suburb is considering pressing charges after he discovered some of his employees threw themselves a farewell party to mark the restaurant's closure. Wilmette Life reports the owner of Gilson's Restaurant and Bar, which permanently closed in early October, went out of town during the restaurant's final days. According to a police report, he returned unexpectedly to discover "eight to 10" of his staff members allegedly having a party with the restaurant's stock of food and alcohol, consuming the products themselves instead of opening for regular business. The event, which some staffers were not aware was unauthorized by ownership, allegedly cost the owner $5,000 to $7,000 in lost revenue and used product.

Gilson's owner also claims two managers responsible for the incident intentionally shut off the restaurant's security cameras to conceal the event. No charges have been filed yet.

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