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McDonald's Is Shaking in its McBoots, Hedges Bets on Monopoly, McRibs

Sales keep falling for the mega burger chain.


McDonald's sales continue to slump and franchise owners believe that the chain's famous Monopoly promotion is the only thing that's going to save them. Burger Business writes that one owner told an analyst at financial services firm Janney Montgomery Scott that "everything depends on Monopoly." Franchisees also believe that the promotion will give them a "few more transactions," even if that doesn't result in profits, at least product will move. Other franchisees believed the re-release of the McRib — a cult favorite — will "prevent further declines."

However, the fact that the McRib will only be available in certain locations and not nationwide has pissed off other franchise owners who believe that this will "reduce marketing support." Franchisees have other complaints: Some feel that they are "leaderless" and that "McDonald's Corp. is scrambling to find answers to their problem." Others feel that the menu is far too large and that is slowing down their service times. Franchisees feel as if "they have nothing new to offer" customers (doesn't the awful not-really-chorizo chorizo burrito count?).

McDonald's is in the midst of its worst sales decline in a decade, and has spent the better part of 2015 scrambling to convince the public to buy its burgers. The chain recently launched a campaign called "Our Food. Your Questions" where it is attempting to prove to consumers that its food is "real." McDonald's went so far as to invite a camera crew into one of its top secret food production facilities earlier this week, though they claim this move is not "linked" to their poor business performance.