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UK Reviewer Slams Restaurant For Not Having Reading Glasses

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Sean Gallup

A man in Birchington, Kent, UK slammed the service at Royal Dragon Restaurant in a review for Kent News because his server didn't have a spare pair of reading glasses for him to use while he browsed the menu.

The reviewer, Dave Mairs, was shocked by the systematic denial of a pair of cheaters, especially considering that he has previously found "Chinese restaurants to be among the most welcoming of all eateries."

He writes:

It's something you find more and more frequently at restaurants: a pair of glasses to help you read the menu when you've forgotten them or perhaps simply chosen to not take them out. Spectacles, after all, can present a problem to the vainer types among us.

So when I asked the lady serving us at the Royal Dragon restaurant in Birchington for said glasses, her tenor caught me by surprise.

"No, sorry," she said, with a tone that was very far from sorry. Indeed, I was some kind of loon for having asked such a ridiculous question.

Commenters on the article had more cutting words than "some kind of loon" to describe this reviewer's demeanor:

A pair of glasses???? You massive lunatic. Perhaps they should also stock an ear trumpet for people who forgot their hearing aids? Terrible review. This paper should definitely consider hiring someone up to the job.

Hopefully one with 20/20 vision.