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Awful Teen Leaves Crappiest Tip of All Time

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No tip will ever be as shitty as this one.


If you needed anymore proof that teenagers are the worst, look no further: A 17-year-old in Indiana was arrested for for leaving a tip "covered in fecal matter." According to Ball State Daily, the minor and three Ball State Football players were wrapping up a meal at Brothers Bar & Grill in Muncie, Indiana when the 17-year-old went to the bathroom after receiving the check. Police say that security video shows the suspect returning back to the table and placing money into the check presenter.

The group's waitress told police that when she picked up the check she smelled a "foul odor" and could see the unnamed-suspect laughing. Once she realized that two of the bills were covered with actual feces, the waitress called the police. Gawker writes that for some unexplainable reason, the idiot teenager was still at the restaurant when the police arrived. He was arrested and charged with battery with bodily waste for leaving literally the shittiest tip of all time.