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Oprah Went Truffle Hunting in Italy With Her BFF Gayle King

You get a truffle! And you get a truffle! Everybody gets a truffle!


Starbucks tea-blender and media legend Oprah Winfrey went white truffle hunting with her BFF news anchor Gayle King in Italy yesterday. Oprah Instagrammed a picture of herself posing with a group of truffle hunters and their dogs in Umbria. According to the post, truffle hunting has long been on her bucket list.

Oprah has been a long time truffle fiend ("I'm a truffle freak. I walk around with truffle salt, that's on my rider for the hotels. Truffle salt, truffle oil...") and even mentioned back in August that she planned to hunt for truffles in October. E! writes that Oprah told a fan on her book tour that she always aimed to do a truffle hunt "every summer" but never managed to follow through. It looked like her hunt was successful, finding at least one truffle that is surely worth hundreds of dollars.


Let the hunt begin! Truffle hunting in Umbria. # Bucketlist

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