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René Redzepi and Noma Get The Selby Treatment

The lauded photographer focuses his lens on the Michelin-starred restaurant and its forward-thinking chef.

The Selby

Check out the photo and food porn in The Selby's latest series, featuring chef René Redzepi and Noma. Todd Selby first focused his lens on Noma and its award-winning chef in 2011 for a New York Times feature. This time around, it's a sneak peek at the shoot that Selby used for his book.

Redzepi and company use tweezers, æbleskiver pans, sponge cakes, and salted fish to decorate plates of food. The kitchen scenes are interspersed with shots of the dining room. At the end, as is traditional for The Selby, a handwritten interview follows. Selby asks Redzepi how to make a hay parfait. Redzepi: "That is a strange question... I use hay of course." On how to handle success, Redzepi says: "The better you handle the many many failures the bigger the SUCCESS." Wise man.

See all of the photos and the complete interview on The Selby.