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Woman Alleges Pizza Hut Receipt Referred to Her as 'Pink Fat Lady'

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Apparently her pizza order came with a side of rude.


A customer of a Pizza Hut in Singapore is claiming she received a mean note on her receipt. According to Yahoo Singapore, Aili Si picked up two pizzas from her local branch and was given a receipt with the words "Pink Fat Lady" scrawled across the bottom. And as one does these days when wronged, Si posted an image of the receipt to Facebook writing: "I don't think it is nice of your staff to describe me as such on my receipt... As a customer I definitely hope to be treated with basic respect deserved by any others. " To its credit, Pizza Hut quickly replied: "This definitely rocked us in our seats." After apologizing, Pizza Hut noted that it would be launching an investigation into the incident. Si posted on her Facebook page yesterday that "Pizza Hut and I have come to a closure in regards to this incident."

Unfortunately Si is not the first person to receive a mean note on their receipt. A father was dining out with his kids and when the receipt came it was noted that his meal came with a side of "fuckin needy kids." Another woman found the term "Big Mama" scrawled across the top of her Subway flatbread pizza order and decided to sue the restaurant. See the photo of the receipt, below.

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