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The 10 Best Stills From Scott Conant's Car Commercial

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Hashtag Schotty Shills for Infiniti.

Like many famous chefs before him, tomato sauce whisperer Scott Conant filmed a luxury car commercial, and this tidy 30 second clip really gives you a sense that he is living La Dolce Vita/La Vida Loca. Let's break down the story here, shall we? :

Hashtag Schotty's day begins at a real, authentic Italian delicatessen near the Verrazano Bridge in Brooklyn. [Update: It's actually Russ & Daughters!] He greets the man behind the counter, and the old guy instantly picks up on the chef's good vibes.

And now they're friends.

After buying some cured meats from the old man, Hashtag Schotty heads to a cute bistro to pick up a crate of tomatoes.  He's slowly building a meal, one ingredient at a time.

The tomatoes fit in the cargo area with room to spare.

Now, Hashtag Schotty is in the West Village, where he encounters a parking challenge.

Thankfully, the Infiniti has cameras that help him back into the space. Parking the car is actually fun.

Our hero picks up a friend — and some bread.  His buddy in the passenger seat is impressed by the curb-side service.

Whoa, now there's a party aboard the Infiniti 2015 QX80. Where is Hashtag Schotty taking these fun loving people?

Upstate, to a big field, that's where.  Now Conant and his band of merry revelers can enjoy the meal that he assembled, piece by piece, earlier in the day.

"These are the people that I ride with every day," Conant remarks.

Scott Conant for Infiniti [YouTube]

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