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Man Arrested After Assaulting Restaurant Employee With Scalding Soup

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The victim suffered minor burns.


An unsatisfied customer at a Vancouver restaurant was arrested after throwing hot soup at a restaurant employee, causing the victim to suffer minor burnsThe Vancouver Sun reports the 42-year-old suspect ordered soup and a sandwich to-go at the unnamed restaurant, returning a few minutes later to complain about his meal. According to the police report, as a female employee attempted to assist him, "the customer would not be placated and threw the soup at her face and chest." A witness noted the suspect's license plate number, and he was later arrested, pending potential charges of assault with a weapon.

Unfortunately, it's not the only time customers have assaulted restaurant employees using food: Earlier this year, a Taco Bell location banned a juvenile who threw a cup full of hot sauce at an employee. No charges were filed in that incident.

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