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Apps that Help Diners Skip Lines Are On the Rise

You may never have to wait for coffee, fast food, pizza, or beer again.


Waiting in line for food may be a thing of the past thanks to a slew of new appsReuters points out there has a been a growing number of mobile apps developed to help customers do everything from pre-order and pay for their morning coffee to order full meals. Essentially, these apps are "the equivalent of a fast lane on a highway for transactions."

While apps like Square Order, Preo, and Hangry reduce the need for "clunky" point-of-sale systems and streamline the ordering process, they often only work in certain cities. Expanding these apps nationally is very challenging. So far, the app developers have been partnering with businesses, which then virtually tethers the software to locations that support it.

Now if only someone would invent one for that line-inducing hybrid pastry called the Cronut...

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