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Ron Finley at MAD4: 'Drive-Thrus Kill More People Than Drive-Bys'

Planting a garden in his front yard got Finley arrested. And then he changed the law.

Here's another talk out of MAD4 that features designer, gardener, and thoughtful person Ron Finley who shares some ideas on how to solve some of the world's food problems. "The solution is not necessarily a revolution, it's an evolution. It's an evolution back, back to when we did shit, when we made shit, when we cooked our own meals instead of driving up to some box and talking to it and ordering a McDouble and some super fries... we gotta change that."

When Ron Finley wanted organic food in his South LA neighborhood and couldn't find it, he decided to grow it in his front yard. The police caught wind of this new neighborhood garden, and promptly arrested Finley. But he fought back, and ended up changing land use laws so that anyone can grow food on their property in Los Angeles. According to Finley, his garden was the easiest way to change the neighborhood. Looking around, he discovered that "drive-thrus are killing more people than the drive-bys." And if you "change your food, [you] change your life."

Finley also reveals that his nipples get hard when he makes compost. Go watch the full video, above.

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