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Burger King Runs Out of Ideas, Starts Stealing Them From Comedians

Comedian Billy Eichner believes BK ripped off his act.


Did Burger King rip-off a comedian for its latest ad campaign? According to Time, Billy Eichner — the comedian behind Fuse's Billy on the Street — believes that the chain stole his schtick. He tweeted, "Hey @BurgerKing-thanks for stealing my act for ur new commercial!! Except its not as funny & everyone knows u stole it. GET YOUR OWN IDEAS." Eichner followed-up with a second tweet loaded with exclamation marks: "Oh and @BurgerKing once you're done stealing my comedy please stop making people morbidly obese!!! Thanks so much!!!"

Buzzfeed writes that Eichner is known for running around, typically with celebrities, and asking random pedestrians pop-culture questions and acting overly-excited. Burger King's latest ad features a man that goes up to two pedestrians and asks them questions about Burger King's food in the same unhinged, highly energetic manner.

Other celebrities were quick to back Eichner on Twitter. Actor Seth Rogan hilariously tweeted, "Yo @BurgerKing, stop stealing from the hilarious @billyeichner and stick to what you're good at: giving me diarrhea." Comedian Michael Ian Black quipped, "Hey @burgerking, you were stupid if you think hiring some random actor to rip off @billyeichner was going to work. I WAS AVAILABLE!!!." Time notes that Burger King and the ad agency behind the commercials have not responded when asked to comment. Go, watch the commercial:

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