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Inside McDonald's Secret Food Production Facility

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Cameras have never before been allowed inside.


McDonald's is getting serious about its new campaign to get people to believe it serves real food. Last night, the company gave ABC news a look at one of its "secret food [production] plants" in California. Apparently this is the first time TV cameras have been allowed inside. The massive (and pristine) factory is filled with conveyor belts upon which rows upon rows of semi-frozen burger patties lie. A spokesperson revealed that McDonald's processes around 400,000 pounds of meat every day. They also made sure to emphasize that the burgers are indeed 100 percent beef, and that the the beef comes from familiar cuts that are "just like you get at the grocery store."

In addition to letting cameras into their factory, the "Our Food. Your Questions" campaign from McDonald's also features webisodes addressing other questions about their food, such as what is really in the chicken McNuggets. The campaign also features a website where customers can ask any nagging questions they have about the menu.

McDonald's chief brand manager Kevin Newell claims that the new campaign has nothing to do with the fact that the chain is facing its "worst sales slump in a decade": "It's not linked to the business performance at all. It's linked to making sure that our customers truly know the story about McDonald's food." According to Newell, all the company wants is for people to "think differently" about McDonald's food: "Don't judge us before you know us." Go, watch the video:

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