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Taco Bell Is Now Putting Sriracha on Everything

The chain is currently testing a Sriracha Menu in Kansas.


The sriracha-fication of the world can't be stopped and won't be stopped: According to a thread on Reddit, the champion stunt food creators over at Taco Bell are testing a sriracha menu in Kansas, and as expected, people are going ape shit on the internet. The menu apparently adds a "sriracha creme" sauce (which sounds more like a sriracha mayo) on items like tacos, the popular Quesarito, nachos, and more.

Interested parties can allegedly also order other menu items topped with the popular hot sauce by request. There is no information yet regarding whether or not the menu will be rolled out on a national scale. But who are we kidding, we live in an era of sriracha candy canes and lip balm, so this will probably happen.

Taco Bell has unleashed drinkable Starburst to keep mouths occupied until then.

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