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McDonald's Really Wants You to Believe It Serves Real Food

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The chain swears the burgers are not made of pink slime.

McDonald's is launching a new campaign called "Our Food. Your Questions" in a feeble attempt to convince people that they do indeed serve actual food. According to Burger Business, the burger chain has hired former Mythbusthers co-host Grant Imahara to do some busting of myths about the quality of their food. Imahara is featured in a series of webisodes "addressing consumers' persistent doubts and questions."

Have you ever wondered if the hamburgers are made from pink slime or actual beef? Join Imahara on a tour of McDonald's beef supplier plant in one video. A spokesperson for McDonald's notes that the chain gets tons of questions about its beef above "anything else." The web series will also feature Imahara answering questions about other popular McDonald's products like the McNuggets and the McRib, both of which have a reputation for including ingredients of poor quality.

In addition to the webisodes, customers can pose questions — for instance, why would McDonald's sell a chorizo burrito that doesn't contain any real chorizo? — via the website, their Twitter handle, and Facebook page. McDonald's plans to set up a "command center" where employees will address the questions as they come in "in real time."

This isn't the first time McDonald's has attempted to convince the public that its food is actually of a higher quality: Earlier this year, the Canadian outlet of the chain created a set of videos that gives customers a look at how many of its dishes are made.

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