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Your First Look at Chef Roy Choi's New CNN Show 'Street Food'

Let Roy Choi take you on a tour of LA, and meet some of the biggest players in music, art, and film.

Check out every episode of Roy Choi's Street Food, a brand new digital series on CNN. First, Choi takes to the streets of LA to interview Mike D of the Beastie Boys, a group that adopted LA as its own. The two eat lunch at the Malibu Farm, a new restaurant on the Malibu Pier. Mike D on Choi: "You are the closest I've ever seen to a chef be to a DJ." Check out the full episode, above.

Next, here's Choi on "the Ansel Adams of LA," Estevan Oriol: "His camera captures it all, and shows everyone how dynamic the city really is.

Here's Choi with his writer/actor/director buddy John Favreau: "You'd never imagine that one of the biggest film stars in Hollywood would just call you up and ask you for your advice..."

Choi then puts the spotlight on Michelle Phan, the make-up artist turned YouTube sensation. The two slurp noodles at Tsuijta LA while Phan talks about make-up for men.

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