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Michelin's CMO Doesn't Really Care About Star Ratings

For her, a quality restaurant matters more.

Don Emmert/Getty

Michelin's Chief Marketing Officer Claire Dorland-Clauzel isn't all that concerned with the number of stars the fine-dining lovers' guide doles out. She reveals in an interview with Adweek that when she goes out to eat, she does indeed check the Michelin guide "to make sure it's a quality restaurant": "The media are always talking about stars. But Michelin is not just a guide for starred restaurants, but quality restaurants."

Dorland-Clauzel does realize the influence stars have, however. She is very aware that stars can "make or break a chef's career": "It's not easy to manage. But you don't give or withdraw a star without an extreme analysis." She adds that "the team [of reviewers] know they have a great responsibility because with the stars we deliver a service to the public, and we create economic value for the restaurants."

Michelin recently released the 10th edition of its New York City Red Guide.