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Gordon Ramsay Launches Charitable Foundation, Plans to Raise $3 Million in Two Years

Is this a tale of bad boy gone good?

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Gordon and Tana Ramsay
Gordon and Tana Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay Foundation

Here's some news about shouty chef Gordon Ramsay that doesn't involve the closure of one of his restaurants: The restaurateur and his wife Tana have launched a charitable organization called the Gordon Ramsay FoundationAccording to its website, the couple hopes "to make a meaningful difference to charities" that are "very important" to them. They also hope to raise £2 million ($3,218,700 USD) over the next two years. Funds raised will support charities like Cancer Research UK, Action Against Hunger, and the Scottish Spina Bifida Association.

The Gordon Ramsay Foundation has also launched an exclusive Ironman training club called the GR100. Ramsay — who often shares pictures of himself participating in races  — tells the Telegraph that triathlons are his "release." The website notesthat foundation has "access to 100 places" at the 2015 half Ironman race in Staffordshire, England. According to the Telegraph, GR100 members will receive training with top experts, meet with Olympic triathletes, and receive "top-of-the-range" training gear. GR100 hopefuls do not need to be seasoned athletes but just "dedicated, passionate and driven people who want to take on a life-changing challenge." If accepted, members must pay a £2,500 ($4,021 USD) fee and raise another £2,500. Applications must be submitted by November 24.

With Kitchen Nightmares behind him, is Ramsay trying to remold his mean chef image?