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Watch a Strange Short from Madrid's Three Michelin-Starred DiverXO

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The restaurant recently moved to the renovated NH Collection Eurobuilding hotel.

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Here's an incredibly dramatic, somewhat creepy short film from Madrid's three Michelin-starred DiverXO. It features close-ups and slow motion shots of chef David Muñoz and his crew cooking with large flames, slicing through coconuts, ripping the skin off of a squid, and plating colorful dishes on a blank white canvas. The film then cuts to room of a group of stern looking strangers gathered around a table, eating plate after plate of Muñoz's food. Oddly, the speed at which they eat their meals increases with each course until the room is a cacophony of hands grabbing plates and glasses. It's a dramatic sort of re-introduction to DiverXO.

According to a press release, DiverXO is now open in its new space inside the NH Collection Eurobuilding hotel in Madrid, Spain. Michelin guidelines state that a restaurant loses its stars when it relocates, so this is something of a rebirth for the noted restaurant. Muñoz told Eater in April that he decided to relocate the restaurant to the NH Collection Eurobuilding because the original space was far too small. The new space is around 550 square meters ("a huge space to make everything we want to make.") The recently renovated Eurobuilding also features a restaurant from famed chef Paco Roncero called Domo by Roncerco & Cabrera, and a Japanese restaurant dubbed 99 Sushi Bar.