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Taco Bell Is Now Slinging a Strawberry Starburst-Flavored Slurpee

Because why wouldn't you want to drink candy?

Taco Bell

Those stunt food enthusiasts over at Taco Bell are at it again: The taco slinging chain announced via their Facebook page that they have launched a Starburst Freeze.

"You can freak out now," Taco Bell told its Facebook followers, which is a fair warning as the company just unleashed a tall plastic cup of bright pink sugared-up candy-flavored slush that kind of looks like icy Pepto-Bismol. One Facebook fan notes that the drink actually tastes like a strawberry StarburstThe pink concoction is available at Taco Bell locations across the country in a 16-ounce cup — or for the extra adventurous — a 20-ounce cup.

Pair it with a waffle taco and you've got yourself the new breakfast of champions.

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