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Watch Six Second-Graders Eat at Restaurant Daniel

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The New York Times' Fall food issue hits newsstands this weekend — here's a peek inside.

As part of its Fall Food Issue, the New York Times invited six second graders to dine at Restaurant Daniel, one of the most expensive and elegant restaurants in New York City. The adorable group had never been to the restaurant before, and Daniel reveals that as a child he never ate at fancy restaurants because he grew up on a farm.

Once the meal begins, there are some harsh critiques — "this is disgusting," "this is really dry..." "it tastes like soap." and "What's the next course?" — but a few of the kids found dishes "interesting," and even "delicious:" "the fish was really good from the lemon." "The steak was the best, it was cooked just right and I really, really liked the inside." Go watch to see what they thought of dessert — and what they'd much rather be eating (hint: "Macaroni and cheese!")


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