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This $18K Airline Suite Serves In-Flight Foie Gras, Dom Pérignon, and Caviar

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One man blogs his journey in a $18,000 airline suite.

Aero Icarus/Flickr

Singapore Airlines charges a whopping $18,000 for a round-trip Singapore-NYC ticket in its ultra-luxury suites, and one recent passenger chronicled his trip in a series of photos. For the curious, here are some of the things an $18K plane ticket will get you: Dom Pérignon; a five-course dinner featuring Malossol caviar, lobster, foie gras, and fish noodle soup; two Toblerone candy bars (when only one was requested); breakfast of lobster Thermidor; and a beef filet "designed by celebrity chef Alfred Portale." Go, gawk at all the luxury.

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