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Yet Another Game of Thrones-Themed Beer Hitting Store Shelves

From New York's Ommegang Brewery.


Here's more fuel to add to your Game of Thrones drinking game (every time Tyrion Lannister drinks... drink!): New York's Ommegang Brewery has unleashed yet-another beer inspired by the insanely popular fantasy books/HBO television series. LA Weekly reports fans voted on the name for the Belgian-style dubbel ale, coming up with "Valar Morghulis," a recurring phrase that cheerily translates to "all men must die." The beer joins three other GOT beers produced by Ommegang, all of which promptly sold out: Previous beers were inspired by familiar objects (the Iron Throne), characters (the Night's Watch), and episode names (Fire & Blood).

Unsurprisingly, it's not the only Game of Thrones culinary tie-in to emerge of late. In July, an Australian company released a GOT-branded wine series called the "Wines of Westeros," and at least one restaurant unleashed a GOT-themed dinner, paired with Ommegang's beers, earlier this year.