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Jamie Oliver Is Losing Millions on YouTube, Plans to Launch 'BoobTube'

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The celebrity chef admits that his FoodTube venture costs him a million pounds "every few months," but instead of pulling back he's pushing ahead with more ambitious plans.

Tristan Fewings

British beefcake/chef Jamie Oliver has been filming various cooking shows for his YouTube channel, FoodTube, since 2013. Though the channel has over a million subscribers and more than 64 million views, Oliver tells The Drum that he's losing money on the venture.

Oliver's production company is currently focused on turning around quick segments that don't cost much, funded by short-term advertisers. In looking ahead, the world-saving chef wants to "focus on trying to increase" longer segments and advertising deals (like one he currently has with Bacardi) because, as he says, "regardless of how wonderful all this [YouTube] sounds, I'm still in deficit. I'm burning more than I'm earning." Longer deals mean he can invest in programming that's of greater quality, as well as specific series tailored to different demographics.

On the docket? A new series called, hilariously, Boob Tube which will "offer advice on feeding babies and very young children to new parents."

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