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Food & Wine Confirms All Women's Issue for January 2015

Editor Dana Cowin is following up Time magazine's Gods of Food issue with a focus on women in the kitchen.

Food & Wine/Official

An increasing number of publications are poking at the glass ceiling in the kitchen: Food & Wine confirmed this morning that they will dedicate their January 2015 issue to Women in Food. Taking a hint from megastar/reigning girl power champion Beyoncé, a spokesperson wrote that the publication "is dedicating the January issue to the women who rule the food world."

It seems that Food & Wine is still trying to make up for the part it played in Time magazine's Gods of Food issue last year — an issue that almost completely ignored women in the food space, and one that stirred an ongoing debate on the topic. Earlier this year, the national food publication released a listicle of the 25 most innovative women in food, presumably to quell some of the food world's annoyance at Gods of Food. The forthcoming Women in Food sounds like another attempt to right the wrongs of Gods of Food.

The gender bias topic is still a hot one. Publications like Cherry Bombe have come out exclusively in support of women in food, but does that level the playing field or simply skew it in a different direction?

Meanwhile, advertisers are flocking to niche, female-friendly publications, making Food & Wine's forthcoming Women in Food issue especially lucrative. Find the official announcement from Food & Wine below.

FOOD & WINE is dedicating its January 2015 issue to the women who rule the food world. We follow star chef Nancy Silverton to Umbria to learn from the nonnas; we check out "company snack time" with Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs, the power duo behind Food52. And we consider the importance of mentorship in leading the way forward by asking extraordinary female cooks to tell us about the women who've taught and inspired them.

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