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Watch Roy Choi's Google Talk Reflecting on L.A. Son

Last month, chef Roy Choi stopped by Talks @ Google to discuss his cookbook/memoir L.A. Son: My Life, My City, and the full talk is now available online. During the discussion, Choi reveals how he transitioned from believing "it seemed kinda douchey to write a book about yourself" to writing a deeply personal memoir that chronicled everything from his gambling addiction to the difficulties of his parents' immigrant experience. (He still stresses: "It's not a 'chef book.'")

Choi also reflects on the evolution of American tastes, particularly as an "immigrant kid... living in this weird suspended state" when it comes to ethnic food. "Food wasn't that big in our society 20, 30 years ago. Not everybody was into kimchi and fish guts and things like that," Choi says. "In many ways, the food that we grow up on were kind of hidden... Not trying to make a social commentary on it, but just telling you the real deal of what it felt like to not show your friends your refrigerator." Go, watch:

Video: Chefs @ Google: Roy Choi

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