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TipsForJesus Tipped $9,000 in Los Angeles This Weekend

Photo: TipsForJesus / Instagram

The merry tipsters behind TipsForJesus were at it again this weekend, tipping $9,000 at two Los Angeles hotspots. First, a server at Acabar got a $5,000 tip on a $2,078 tab (a 241% tip). The next day, a server at Pearl's was tipped $4,000 on a $1,076 bill (372%). All of this seems to be in preparation for tonight's BCS Championship football game between Auburn and FSU, although its unclear if the known college football fans behind TipsForJesus have a favorite team in the game. Anyway, severs of LA: be on the look out for rich folks carrying a red rubber thumbs up stamp tonight, because chances are TipsForJesus will be celebrating the big game somewhere. All of the Instagram shots are below.

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